The Christian Potenza Fan Club


Christian Potenza Official Fan Club

Hi! Welcome to the Christian Potenza 100% Official Fan Club. Here you will find lots of cool stuff about Christian. If you saw our last site and liked it you will like this site even more!  Christian is happy that he now has a website. This will be an awesome website. You'll have a blast! I guarentee!  Assuming you like Christian then you'll be happy to check out his official website daily and get cool info on him. We will be trying to update this website on a daily basis so we keep his fans up to date and happy. If you want to meet Christian up live in person go check him out at some conventions (ex: FanExpo, Anime North, Comic Con etc....) He is happy to meet all his fans. Christian is a Canadian voice actor/actor who has voiced numerous characters on many Canadian cartoons. He has also appeared on many feature films to date.